It ain’t over…

I’ve never had any delusions about my Erectile Dysfunction bill passing our male-dominated House, but what my GOP colleagues pulled yesterday was beyond ballsy. I mean…they’ve got the numbers and the votes. Of course they’re gonna shut it down. But whether they agree with it or not, shouldn’t we at least have an honest, open discussion about the merits Read more

Govern not, lest you be governed…

Sometimes, one has to suggest something so unprecedented that it shocks the conscience and forces us to initiate a broader discussion that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. That’s precisely what my Erectile Dysfunction bill does. And talk about a conversation starter… I’ve gotten countless phone calls and emails from folks across the country who Read more

Why I’m running

Today, I’ve filed to run for Senate District 22. Here’s why… I’m a fighter. One of the things I’ve learned during my 6 years in the SC House is that many elected officials don’t have the courage to fight for what’s right—especially if they have to fight alone. Too many don’t have a genuine compassion for people. They’re in it for themselves. Read more

What matters most…

Today is the day, SC Democrats!!! Get out there and VOTE! Whether you’re “with Her” or “feeling the Bern,” this is one of the most critical elections of our time. Just this week, I was reminded of how easily we lose sight of what really matters. A reporter asked me whether I chose race over gender when I supported Sen. Obama over Sen. Clinton in 2008. But Read more

Held hostage

This year has been one of South Carolina’s toughest. Gun violence and hatred have terrorized our state and nation while politicians who claim to represent the people at every level of government do nothing. On June 17, a lone, home-grown terrorist senselessly snatched the lives of 9 South Carolinians as they prayed and studied God’s Word at Emanuel AME Church Read more